Welcome to a world where tradition takes ​an audacious turn, where your personal and ​stationery style becomes a symbol of ​fearless self-expression.

With Apothinkary, you’re not just making

a statement; you’re making a mark.

each design, its own rebellion that invites ​you to embrace a lifestyle that pushes ​boundaries and celebrates individuality.

nib nightmares

Series 1 - Children of the night

Dive into the world of classic ​horror with our spine-chilling ​collection of nib nightmares.

Each piece meticulously designed ​to pay homage to iconic horror ​figures like Dracula, ​Frankenstein, and more.

Whether you're a devoted fan of ​the macabre or a collector of ​the unusual, these hauntingly ​beautiful accessories are sure ​to add a touch of frightful ​flair to your collection.


SELECT hoodies



Intention Talisman - Custom


Engraved Pen - Custom


Nib Nightmares #1 - Sticker


Nib Nightmares #1 - Charm


upcoming events

As the moon reaches its fullest potential, its energy ​intensifies, and so does ours. Our emotions may amplify, and ​our desires become clearer. This heightened energetic state ​opens up a window of opportunity for us to manifest our ​deepest intentions and aspirations.

Enjoy a 20min Tarot session

and craft your own Intention Talisman (necklace) at this ​one-of-a-kind event.

Cost for the event per person $80 plus tax.

Purchase your ticket and we will reach out to book your ​time slot. You can also call/email/come in-store to book ​your slot and pay.

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